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At PetDog Grooming, we totally get the deep connection between pet owners and their fur babies. That's why we offer an array of services that will have your pets wagging their tails with joy!

Dog Bathing & Blow Dry

With gentle bubbles and a fluffy blow dry, we'll have your dog's coat shimmering and their tail wagging with delight!

Dog Grooming & Styling

From fabulous fur trims to trendsetting styles, our talented groomers will unleash their artistic skills to make your dog the talk of the town.

Cat Grooming

With gentle brushes and careful grooming, we'll have your cat looking like the king or queen of the catwalk.

Dog Ear Cleaning

Say goodbye to "ruff" ears and hello to squeaky-clean auricles!

Small Pet

Quick Wash

For just:


  • - Bath;
  • -Drying;
  • -As Many Times as You Want;
  • -Monday thru thursday only;

Large Pet

Quick Wash

For just:


  • -Bath;
  • -Drying;
  • -As Many Times as You Want;
  • -Monday thru thursday only;


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